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Getting to Know

Dr. Valerie Gershenhorn

Many of our patients are looking for a functional physician with a broad perspective on health and healing.

Originally trained in allopathic medicine as both an internist and dermatologist, in recent years she's migrated her practice to root-cause medicine concentrating on issues such as:

  • detoxification

  • microbiome healing

  • reduction of inflammation

  • bioenergetic assessments and balancing

  • nutrition and nutriceutical guidance

Below are excerpts from a lecture she gave at RCIO.

On being a Functional Physician

On Healing at Home

On Dealing with EMRs

On Pediatrics

On Being Outside, Vit D

On Drinking Water

On Finding an Integrative Practitioner

Dr. Gershenhorn welcomes patients of the Raphael Center to have a free 15-minute phone conversation to see if she can be a fit for you.

CLICK on the link to make an appointment

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