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Of course we treat adults.  Don't let the kid-friendly atmosphere fool you.

Not only have I done adult ortho cases for 35+ years, but I have been bringing in the latest techniques in biomimetics and orthopedic remodeling (see the section on Integrative Ortho for definitions.)

Adult cases are often more complex because of the co-morbidities of poor breathing and sleep that often accompany jaw size problems and narrow airways.

We look beyond the teeth for the root causes of these problems.

Also, I am joining forces with Dr. Joseph Gaudio, DDS, to help address the pain and limitation of jaw joint and occlusion disorders.  Together we address the structural, functional, and habit issues that underlie adult orthodontic problems.

Check out this video to learn about our assessment procedures...and meet Dr. Joe.

More about Dr. Gaudio...

Dr. Joseph Gaudio is licensed in New Jersey and New York and has a private dental practice in Chester, NJ.  He has agreed to be in residence at the Raphael Center to bring his expertise to our complex adult cases.


He is a graduate of Columbia’s School of Dental and Oral Surgery (1984) and was given the Rowe-Weinberg Award for Excellence in Prosthodontics.  He did a General Practice Residency at Englewood Hospital (1984) and advanced training in Periodontal Disease at NYU (1990).


He is a graduate of the prestigious Dawson Academy in St. Petersberg, Fla., and is now an Associate Faculty Member there.


Other professional milestones include:

  • Graduate of the Airway Mini-Residency from the Airway Collaborative, where he met Dr. Raphael.

  • MyoFunctional Training,

  • Functional Ortho

  • Guided Growth and Controlled Arch Technique with Dr. Steve Galella

Dr. Gaudio is a Clinical Instructor at Columbia U and at the Morristown Memorial General Practice Residency.


His work focuses on diseases of the TMJ, the occlusion, and how they relate to the airway and breathing.  He is also highly skilled in prosthodontics.

The Raphael Center for Integrative Orthodontics is proud to have Dr. Gaudio with us.

Dr. Gaudio CV
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