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Download these documents for your use and edification.

Nasal breathing protocols

Lots of helpful tips and tricks for keeping your nose clean and clear.

The Airway Exam

Mostly for adults, this is a listing of all the signs and symptoms of airway distress.

My Breathing Habits

Looks at how the WAY you breathe affects you overall health and wellbeing.

Reflux Symptoms

Use this survey to see if you have symptoms of Respiratory Reflux that could be the result of trouble breathing

Myobrace Score Card

Keep track of how well you wear your Myobrace.  lt's worth rewards points!

Child's Sleep Inventory

For children only, this is a "validated" sleep screening tool to identify the signs and symptoms of sleep and breathing problems.

Fatigue Severity Scale

People with Flow Limitation are often exhausted from the effort of breathing. This from helps you determine how you feel and the progress you make.

The NOSE Score

Use this survey to see if you have trouble breathing through your nose.

Acrylic Color Chart

Bioblocs and other appliances can be customized with cool colors and designs.

How to Activate a Palate Expander

  1. Look for the hole in the middle of the expander

  2. Adjust the "key" straight on the handle

  3. Put the end of the key in the hole

  4. Move the handle toward the upper teeth.

  5. Push the key, tipping the handle down as you go back.

  6. Go all the way back.

  7. Tease the key out of the hole so that you don't turn backward.

  8. Do this as often as Dr. Barry says.

Palate Expander

How to use the Sleep Monitor

Sleep Monitor

Use the Sinus Rinse Bottle

Sinus Rinse
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