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Getting to Know

Janyne Vasel, RN
Craniosacral and Craniofascial Therapy

Janyne Vasal copy.jpg

We pay as much attention to the child as a whole as we do to the teeth as a part of the whole.  Craniosacral and Craniofascial therapy is about taking care of the whole body.

Craniosacral therapy, myofunctional therapy, and lightwire appliance therapy are a powerful treatment triad.

Janyne is a highly trained therapist with a background in holistic nursing.  She deals with issues such as:

  • growth restrictions

  • birth trauma 

  • childhood maladies

  • cranial health and growth of the skull

  • fluid flow limitations

  • helping orthodontics succeed

  • emotional memories

  • overall health and wellnes

Below are excerpts from a conversation we had about what she does.

What is Craniosacral/Fascial Therapy?

What can I expect from CS/FT

How do you help Dr. Barry?

What is your thinking on health?

How well do you work with children?

How did you and Dr. Barry meet?

Janyne has a private practice right next door to us.  She welcomes patients of the Raphael Center to have a free 15-minute phone conversation to see if she can be a fit for you.

Go ahead a reach out to her!

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