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Why Integrative Orthodontics?

Understanding WHY we take such a different approach to orthodontics must come before you understand the HOW.

The success of your treatment depends on your motivation to get better.  Without understanding, there is no motivation, and without motivation and participation in the program, all I can do it push around your teeth.  With motivation, I can guide you in dealing with the causes of the problem and help you become your very best you.

So start your understanding here...

I did this video for "O2 Day" sponsored by the Foundation for Airway Health in 2020. It's a short summary of the problem. (The beginning may surprise you...)

Documenting Hope

For some years I have been playing this video for my students.  It has been a motivation for all of us to fight all the harder for our childrens' welfare.

Originally conceived by Beth Lambert, a mother of two children with severe allergies, this project makes the case for addressing the true etiology of what is ailing us...all of us.e

"We need a fundamental rethinking on the optimization of our health and the minimization on threats to our health"

That's the approach I take to correcting facial growth, providing an optimal physiologic airway, and breathing pattern for children.

Here's a science-guy video that does a good job of explaining the background to my thinking.

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