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This is about straight teeth.
But this is not about braces.

And it is definitely not about extractions.

Integrative Orthodontics is about more than just straight teeth...


We help you grow better now

So you can be better later

And stay better longer.

You see, crooked teeth are only part of the problem...

Here's what else to look for in your child...(Hover over the pix)

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At the Raphael Center, we don't think crooked teeth are just inherited.  


Teeth come in crooked because of habits (there are four major ones).  Change these habits and the teeth can grow in straighter...often without braces at all.  Wouldn't that be nice?  


Plus, there are lots of health benefits to healthy habits.


Here's how we do it...

We teach kids healthy habits..., what doctor does that?

In a kid-friendly place...or at your home computer.

... nothing dental office scary here.

Using an easy to follow plan...

...with step by step instructions to follow at home.

Here's what we can do for your child.

When we address your child's mouth breathing and posture habits...just the basics, mind's what happens...

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Let's hear how Dr. Raphael says it...

Face improvement.jpg

Less mouth breathing

Getting the lips to close and the tongue to rest on the palate changes facial growth for the better.

better profile 2.jpg

Better facial profile

Good facial growth leads to a  more attractive face and the teeth can easily come in straighter.

LStringham Airway_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Better airway...

Good facial growth opens up the breathing spaces so you can sleep better, think clearer, and perform activities with less fatigue.

better breathing and sleep.jpg

Better breathing and sleep...

The way you breathe - day and night - affects your sleep, your mood, your behavior....everything!

straighter teeth.jpg

Straighter teeth...

And the icing on the cake is straighter teeth...naturally. No braces for this case.


Gallagher testimonial.jpg

"His snoring has stopped and his teeth are really starting to move in the right direction and without braces... Dr. Raphael's done a great job of making it easy on Jimmy and us. "

Jimmy and Jim Gallagher

Mrs Rude.jpg

"My boys just finished the program and I can only say amazing things about it.  The support we get from the team and the visits keeps our kids motivated. And the change from where they started to where they ended!…there’s just no words…the caring we get from everyone here made this experience so fabulous."

Collette Rude

Mrs Bromberg.PNG

"Since we started the program, I’ve seen such a huge difference in Rebecca.  She used to keep her mouth open mostly at night and now she breathes through her nose and her lips a closed.  And of course, her teeth…such a change without braces…her teeth are beautiful now."

Svetlana Bromberg

Rebecca Bromberg.jpg

"Sometimes at the mall when we’re going places, I notice a lot of kids with open mouths and shows a lot."

Rebecca Bromberg

Rebecca Bromberg.jpg

"They were giving Gabriel more and more allergy medications and I said: No, there is something else going on...His jaw was so narrow and he was breathing through his mouth it was really affecting him. He was a mess. I was a mess.  He was going almost every year to the emergency room... But now, after the program, I don't panic so much because I know he's feeling better. "

Rocio Caberte