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Covid Who?

OK, It's no joke

And we are taking it seriously
So what are we doing to accommodate this pandemic?

What does Dr. Barry have to say about all this?

Here's our

RCIO Pandemic Program

While we have always practiced in accordance with ADA, CDC, and OSHA standards, we will be doing EXTRA to keep you and your family safe until the pandemic recedes...and maybe longer.   If these changes cause some inconvenience, please understand it is best for everyone - you, our other patients, our staff, and anyone who comes in contact with us.

1) Keeping you Safe

The goal of the Pandemic Program in the office is to reduce the chances of someone getting infected while visiting the office.  There are four principles here: 

  1. Keep the virus out of the office.

  2. Reduce the patient's time in the office.

  3. Protect patients and staff from sharing.

  4. Keep the place sanitized.

Let's take them one at a time.

1. Keep the virus out of the office.


  • Staff and patients will be screened before entering the office.  A Covid Questionnaire will be completed before each appointment.

    • Temperatures taken,

    • Hands washed,

    • Mouths rinsed with antiseptic mouthwash,

    • Appliances disinfected and

    • Masks must be worn by everyone.

  • Only people directly involved in the treatment procedure - patients and staff - will be allowed into the office.  Parents will wait in the car.  Delivery people do not enter the office. And some of the staff will work remotely.


2. Reduce the patient's time in the office.

  • Patients will be escorted directly to the chair, procedures done without delay, and then escorted out the door, all with no contact with other patients and as little contact with staff as is possible.

  • NO unplanned work will be done at the appointment.  If there are breakages or special requests that were not seen on the Scanbox pictures, they will have to be rescheduled even if that means an extra visit or a delay of the treatment progress.  This is why it is so important for us to see what's going on BEFORE the patient arrives at the office.

  • All appointments, financial transactions, progress reports and questions will be handled electronically by email, text, phone or teleconference.


3. Protect patients and staff from sharing. 

  • All staff will use Personal Protective Equipment as deemed necessary by the ADA and other authorities. This will include: gloves, face masks, face shields, gowns, head covering, and disinfected shoes. 

  • Handwashing for 20 seconds with soap, of course.  

  • The staff will work with only one patient at a time and only two patients will be in the open bay at a time sitting in chairs separated by more than 15 feet.  

  • Aerosols will not be created during procedures (until the threat is over). There will be no rotary handpieces used in the office for the next three months. The use of water spray will be minimized or eliminated.  High-speed evacuation equipment will be augmented.


4. Keep the place sanitized.

  • All instruments will be sterilized, packed in bags, and stored in closed drawers and cabinets (like we've always done.)

  • Surface disinfectants that are non-toxic but very effective on the coronavirus will be used as surface wipes throughout the day.

  • All patient chairs, headrests, keyboards, and other "touchable" surfaces will be covered with disposable or cleansable covers.

  • All other "touchables" such as books, toys, white-board pens, magazines, etc are now eliminated (sniff sniff).  All contests will be online (see our FB page). 

  • Fumigants will bomb the office at the end of each day.

  • There is no longer a reception area or places for parents to sit any longer.   It's all IN and OUT now.

2) Home Monitoring

When doing growth-oriented orthodontics, the true progress is determined by "the body".  We go as fast as the body grows. 


By being able to monitor the kids' growth progress from home, I will be able to schedule them for treatment when they need it and not just because I have to see them in the office to see IF they need an adjustment.  Before this, I would make adjustments that would "last one month".  Now I can make adjustments and let the body decide when the next adjustment should be. 

Also, this will lessen the number of times you need to come to the office, reducing the time you have to take from school or work, and lessening travel time and expenses.  This will be a great benefit to our patients who come from quite a distance for our services.

To monitor from home, we have teamed up with, the makers of The ScanBox (click here for instructions).  This inexpensive gadget allows you to take pictures of teeth using your smart phone.  The ScanBox has cheek holders just like the ones we use.  And the built in phone app directs you in taking the pictures.  Easy Peasy.

3) Myobrace Training Remotely

Another positive outcome of this pandemic has been the use of learning and gathering online.  During the lockdown we visited many of you at home with tele-dentistry platforms.  Now we're going to use it for your Myobrace Activities as well.

One benefit is that training sessions will not have to be timed with your visits to the office.   We'll be able to give you training as you need it.  We'll keep you more motivated, better scheduled, and on track for the results you work so hard to achieve.

It will also eliminate the travel and time needed to come to the office if you don't need Dr. Barry's help.

Until the pandemic calms down, the Activity Center at RCIO will remain closed and all Myobrace Activities will be done online.   And to accommodate your needs, we're bringing on a bigger team of Myobrace Coaches to provide you with the best training possible.

If any of these accommodations don't jibe with your expectations or you need further explanation, contact us by email here.

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