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At-Home Monitoring

Making life easier for our patients

Now that we're used to communicating remotely, we are going to take it one step further.  We are going to use the power of your smartphone and a cloud-based app to take pictures of your teeth and have them sent directly to us for review.

In this way, we can track the progress of your treatment and better plan for your next orthodontic visit.  And it may even save you the visit!

Certainly, there are some things that an orthodontist can only do with his hands.  But when only the eyes are needed, at-home monitoring can do it.

Introducing: The ScanBox!

The ScanBox is an inexpensive, reliable way for you to take pictures of your (child's) teeth from home.

Check out this video and order yours now.

In the Classroom

I Got my ScanBox!

Now What?

Just email Sara and she'll help you get started.

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